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Hand Washing Dishes vs Dishwasher Challenge.

A couple of months ago Kathy and I knew we need to do something to save on the power bill. From a test last year we knew we could both survive with the AC set to 78 degrees. We just keep the ceiling fans on and I am happy. Only when we have company over to we go to a lower temp.

Though we have no control over the price we pay to the power company, we DO have total control over how we use the power supplied to our home. We have certain givens that can not be turned off, such as the spare stand up fridge/freezer in the garage, and the two AC units that run pretty much nonstop in our house during the summer months (set to 78 degrees TYVM). We also average a load of laundry per day and run the dish washer either every day or will skip a day or two.

So, with the above items, what one item could we do with out? We picked the dishwasher. I headed to one of my favorite stores, IKEA, and purchased a wooden plate drying rack. The agreement was that we would hand wash and air dry our dishes for a couple of months and see if the amount of power we used, based on our monthly bill decreased or not a dramatic amount.

Well, after two months of a water bill that was nearly DOUBLE of what it has usually been before the test, we expected to use more water then the amount needed by the dishwasher, but DOUBLE the amount? Not so much. Yes, the power bill did go down over the past couple of months, BUT no where close to offsetting the amount that the water bill increased.

During our testing period, the only thing we changed in our lifestyle was that I hand washed the dishes (btw that means filling one half of kitchen sink with hot water and dish soap, and then the over side as the rinse off area. We knew we were going to use more water. Cutting down on water use was not the point, saving a bunch of money on the power bill was.

Outcome of the test, anybody want to buy a used wooden IKEA Dish Drying Rack?

FREE Food at IKEA (your store may vary).

If you have an IKEA store near you, did you know that you can get a free breakfast Monday-Friday in the store’s cafe. The cafe opens 30 minutes prior to the store opening, and you can get a filling breakfast of eggs, bacon, and potatoes. PLUS you get a FREE beverage.

I was at the Orlando IKEA on Monday, and got there so that I could try the FREE breakfast, and I was very impressed and happy with the food. Yes, like almost any area with a large retired population, you see groups of older people chatting, and enjoying the FREE beverages, even after the store opened at 10AM. If you go on Saturdays the breakfast is 99¢. Breakfast is not the only meal you can save money on, but is the only one that you CAN get for FREE.

Of course, what would IKEA be without a Mother’s Day deal (BTW, they do deals for other holidays, Mother’s Day just happens to be the next major one coming up, THIS SUNDAY!! The special that IKEA is having is MOMS get a FREE ENTREE. For those that are reading this via our RSS Feed, the photo of the sign hanging in the cafe reads “Bring your kids or show us a picture of your family to get a free entree on Sunday, May 9, 2010.” They then list the cafe hours of: 10:30am-6:30pm, with the store hours being 11am-7pm.

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