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August 19th Groupon Deals for Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville

Orlando: $25.00 for $50.00 Worth of Apparel at Gap

Tampa: $25.00 for $50.00 Worth of Apparel at Gap

Miami: $25.00 for $50.00 Worth of Apparel at Gap

Jacksonville: $25.00 for $50.00 Worth of Apparel at Gap

Looks like GAP has taken over Groupon today. This is the deal on the main home page, and all of the local sites as well. So, take your pick of the cities above and enjoy the savings.

No, you are not seeing an error above. Not sure if it is part of a national event or not, but all of the Florida Groupon deals areEven if you don’t live in these areas, you can still purchase them and send them as gifts to people that can take advantage of them. Just make sure that they use the Groupon before the expiration date (usually 6 months from the date that it was purchased).

20% Off and Great Laughs at GAP

If you click on the image above you will be transported to the GAP Cheer Factory. Get ready to kill more then just a few minutes here. The cheers just have to be heard to be appreciated. Of course there is a coupon attached to the promo good or 20% off your next purchase (which includes SALE merchandise). You can also go to the Cheer Factory by simply going to


Coupon expires 12/31/09

Thank you T&M

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