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5 Minute GMC/Buick Test Drive = $15.00 Lowe’s Gift Card

Kathy and I loaded up the kids this morning and after going to the Winter Garden Farmer’s Market for our weekly veggies. We then headed on over to the Lowe’s at the Winter Garden Village at Fowler’s Grove to pick up some supplies for our veggie garden.

We picked a great day to go to Lowe’s because it is annual test drive time again. Al you have to do is fill out a liability waiver, and show your Driver’s License and chose which vehicle you want to test drive. The kicker to the deal is this, A $15.00 LOWE’S GIFT CARD. Yes, I said that right, fill out a liability waiver, test drive a vehicle around the parking lot, and after that get your gift card. We did this last year and there was never a post test drive phone call. So no pressure. Since Kathy and I both did a test drive we got our pine bark mulch for FREE!

The test drives last until 4pm today, and then until 6PM on Sunday, October 31st. We will be buying top soil with the cards tomorrow. Limit one card per person per day.

Have fun taking your test day.

Hand Washing Dishes vs Dishwasher Challenge.

A couple of months ago Kathy and I knew we need to do something to save on the power bill. From a test last year we knew we could both survive with the AC set to 78 degrees. We just keep the ceiling fans on and I am happy. Only when we have company over to we go to a lower temp.

Though we have no control over the price we pay to the power company, we DO have total control over how we use the power supplied to our home. We have certain givens that can not be turned off, such as the spare stand up fridge/freezer in the garage, and the two AC units that run pretty much nonstop in our house during the summer months (set to 78 degrees TYVM). We also average a load of laundry per day and run the dish washer either every day or will skip a day or two.

So, with the above items, what one item could we do with out? We picked the dishwasher. I headed to one of my favorite stores, IKEA, and purchased a wooden plate drying rack. The agreement was that we would hand wash and air dry our dishes for a couple of months and see if the amount of power we used, based on our monthly bill decreased or not a dramatic amount.

Well, after two months of a water bill that was nearly DOUBLE of what it has usually been before the test, we expected to use more water then the amount needed by the dishwasher, but DOUBLE the amount? Not so much. Yes, the power bill did go down over the past couple of months, BUT no where close to offsetting the amount that the water bill increased.

During our testing period, the only thing we changed in our lifestyle was that I hand washed the dishes (btw that means filling one half of kitchen sink with hot water and dish soap, and then the over side as the rinse off area. We knew we were going to use more water. Cutting down on water use was not the point, saving a bunch of money on the power bill was.

Outcome of the test, anybody want to buy a used wooden IKEA Dish Drying Rack?

Home Depot Garden Club Coupons for Sept 2010

I received the September 2010 The Home Depot Garden Club booklet of coupons and information (mostly how to prepare your lawn for winter) yesterday.

The coupons, which are all store type, are valid through October 3, 2010.

The coupons are:
B2G1 Mums of equal or lesser value.
$2.00 OFF Glad ForceFlex Outdoor Trash Bags, 42ct
$2.00 OFF Kingsford Competition Briquettes OR Kingsford Mesquite Briquettes
$10.00 OFF Fiskars 57 Gal Tuscany Rainwater Collection System

If you want more info please go HERE.

Enjoy your savings.

Sign Up for FREE Do-It-Herself Workshops at Home Depot

Click on either of the two images above to find out all
you need to know about this program from The Home Depot.

Home Depot Wants to Help You Save Money.

Home Depot Improver

Join Home Depot’s Home Improver’s Club and
get money-saving offer and time-saving tips now!

August 19th Groupon Deals for Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville

Orlando: $25.00 for $50.00 Worth of Apparel at Gap

Tampa: $25.00 for $50.00 Worth of Apparel at Gap

Miami: $25.00 for $50.00 Worth of Apparel at Gap

Jacksonville: $25.00 for $50.00 Worth of Apparel at Gap

Looks like GAP has taken over Groupon today. This is the deal on the main home page, and all of the local sites as well. So, take your pick of the cities above and enjoy the savings.

No, you are not seeing an error above. Not sure if it is part of a national event or not, but all of the Florida Groupon deals areEven if you don’t live in these areas, you can still purchase them and send them as gifts to people that can take advantage of them. Just make sure that they use the Groupon before the expiration date (usually 6 months from the date that it was purchased).

Join Home Depot’s Garden Club & SAVE MONEY.

Join Home Depot’s Garden Club and get
money-saving offers and tip saving tips now!

Just to give you an idea of the coupons that we
received in the mail for May, go here.

Each month has different coupons.

If you want more info, (including a direct link to the sign up page), click here.

Are You About to Move? Home Depot Wants to Help.

Click HERE or on the image above to get 10% OFF your first in-store purchase when you sign up for the Home Depot Moving Club. The maximum discount that you can receive is $200.00.

BTW, here is a past post about a Lowe’s coupon in the FREE Moving Kit from the US Post Office.

Found a Coupon Booklet at Lowe’s

I found this booklet jammed packed with 19 “Redeem Only at Lowe’s” coupons on 7/10/10. I will update this post with the actual coupons in the morning, but wanted to let you know that if you are near a Lowe’s, you might want to stop in and pick one up. I found this in the Garden Center.

The manufacturer coupon expires on 8/2/10.

Today (7/11) is the last day to enter our Macy’s Discount Card Contest.

If you shop at Macy’s, you might be interested in knowing that we are giving one lucky reader enough Macy’s Discount Cards so that they can get a 10% Discount through March 31, 2011.

Enter the contest HERE (contest ends at 11:59 EDT TODAY, Sunday, July 11, 2010 and was part of a 4th of July memories post).

For more information about the Macy’s 10% Discount Card, read my post HERE.

$1.00 Flip-Flops Sale at Old Navy.

Old Navy is having another $1 solid flip flop sale July 3rd.
They have a Facebook page that you have to print out and bring with you to get the deal. Thankfully, it is only one page, and there is a limit of five pairs of Flip Flops per coupon/page. Though the coupon above says print me, they want you to print the entire page from Facebook.

Are You About to Move? Home Depot Wants to Help.

Click HERE or on the image above to get 10% OFF your first in-store purchase when you sign up for the Home Depot Moving Club. The maximum discount that you can receive is $200.00.

Attention Macy’s Shoppers, 10% Discount Card Located.

If you are a brick and mortar Macy’s shopper, we have found a discount card that will grant you a 10% Discount at over 800 Macy’s stores across the Continental United States plus Hawai’i, Guam, and Puerto Rico for 30 days after the first purchase with the card. I have no idea if they have these in the stores or not, but I want to help you get it if you are interested.

From what I can tell, they do not record where you live, they simply stamp the front of the card with the first date of use.

This card is not valid for online purchases.

So that you can read the card’ the terms and conditions I scanned it:

So dear readers, which would you prefer, a contest where the winner would get a few of these cards and would also send the runner ups one of the cards, or just have you leave a comment for them, and only get one per request until we run out. Unlike the water coupon, we DO have a set amount of the Macy’s discount cards.

We decided to have a contest with the one lucky winner receiving enough of these cards to last them through March 31, 2011. Enter HERE (part of the 4th of July memories post).

FREE Toy Story 3 Event at your local Borders

Borders is having a To Story 3 release party. Go HERE to find your local Borders.

Here is what it says for the Ocoee Borders:
“Toy Story 3 Movie Release Party
In theaters on June 18!

June 12, 2010 11:00 AM
Ocoee – Borders
9441 W. Colonial Dr.
Ocoee, FL 34761

Buzz and Woody and the whole gang are back in the brand new movie opening June 18. Celebrate with stories, games, giveaways and more at this very special movie release party for kids ages 4 to 9. Call the store (407-532-2269) for details.”

Pottery Barn Kids = Fun & Free Summer Activites!

Are you looking for some fun, free and cool things to do with your kiddos this summer?
Let Pottery Barn Kids help to make your summer a sweet-filled one!

Every Tuesday, from 11-11:30am, you can take your kiddos of all ages to the Pottery Barn Kids Book Club! Each child will receive a FREE membership card + after 5 visits, they will receive a special gift!
GO HERE to see details and locations.

If your children are anything like our Anna and Sammy, I am sure that they love to sing! Pottery Barn Kids is also offering a Sing-A-Long program! GO HERE to check out times, locations, and details of this sweet program!

*As times and dates may vary, please call your store for time and other details*

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