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Two New Deals from

Here are two new offers from

Gift Certificates: Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250

Dinner of the Month Club:
NEW! Dinner of the Month Club at Save 80% on Restaurant Gift Certificates. Weekly Promo Offer 234 x 60
Save 80% Off every purchase when you use promo code “FLAG“. Save on all three of their popular products, $25 Gift Certificates, Dinner of the Month Club, and their NEW $25 Gift Cards.

Even before Kathy and I started to blog about saving money, we were purchasing Gift Certificates for meals from Plus, they have wonderful customer service that in case the restaurant that you purchased a product towards go out of business, you CAN and WILL either get the amount towards a different restaurant OR your money back.

3 Great Deals from

Now save 80% Off $25 Gift Cert. orders.
Use code SAVOR and Pay $2.00 thru 2/28/10.


Now save 80% Off Dinner of the Month Club Purchases from
Use code SAVOR thru 2/28/10.


Now save on Gift Cards starting at $15.00 for $25 cards.
Use code SAVOR to save 80% OFF thru 2/28/10. $25.00 Gift Cert for $3.00

Now save 70% off $25 Gift Cert. orders.
Use code FEAST and Pay $3 thru 01/26/10. 09/09/09 90% OFF Gift Cert Promo for 99 hours.

10665295-26 is running a “Once in a Lifetime” special in honor of today’s unique date, 09/09/09. For the first time ever, you can take 90% off on all Gift Certificates. That means a you can purchase a $25 Gift Certificate for only $1!!! I know that the math is not exactly correct, but that is what they are stating.

In order to receive this amazing discount, you must use the code word NINETY during check out.

Don’t delay! Offer ends September 13th at 3:01 AM PST.

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