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My Panera Member Card Program, not so fast…

The blogosphere has been lighting up like a, well, you know the saying, over the My Panera rewards program. Since Kathy and I prefer to not blog about something without verifying it first (memories of a calendar promotion haunt me to this day), I set out to get one of the My Panera cards. In visiting a couple of the Panera Breads around SW Orlando it became very clear that not every store knew about this promotion. One of the managers I spoke with gave me a phone number to call for customer care.

What I have found out is they are testing this program in select markets in the US. Florida is not one of the states that they are performing the test in. If you visit, you will see a link to the Participating Locations, which as of right now is ONLY in KY, OR, OH, TN, VA, WA, WV. Even if you have a card from one of the participating locations, the registers are not supposed to acknowledge the card.

If you eat at Panera, this will be a wonderful program to be part of, but we will have to wait and see if it is rolled out nationally or not.

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