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Cracker Barrel’s “Front Porch Friends” program.

Kathy and I just finished a great meal at Cracker Barrel and as I was paying I noticed this pamphlet for their new rewards program called “Front Porch Friends“.

Here is a quick rundown of benefits:
1. Welcome Reward: Get $5.00 off your next purchase of $20.00 or more on your next visit after registering. ANY purchase made in either the country store or restaurant count towards your membership level.

2. Their earning periods are called seasons and a season coincides with the quarters in a calendar year: January 1 through March 31, April 1 through June 30, July 1 through September 30, and October 1 through December 31. Each season guests can earn a new Seasonal Reward by visiting four times or spending $100 that season, and then a second reward (called a Legends Reward) if they visit 10 times in a single month (i.e., December 1 through December 31).

3. No need to carry a membership card, just give the cashier the phone that is connected to your membership, and receive your credits.

Head on over to and sign up today.

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