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Because you may need wristbands for an event.

I wish that when I was involved with promoting concerts and sporting events, it would have been as easy as clicking the above image for me to place an order on a vast variety of wristbands. Maybe your event is a school fair, or church carnival, they have everything you need, wristband wise.

I just found out about but besides the ever popular Tyvek wristband, as seen at nightclubs, racing events, concerts, and more, they also excel at providing Plastic Security Bands, Vinyl Dura-Bands, Duplicate Pair Identification and Removable Tabs Wristbands.

They also offer seasonal bands, which right now include many Spring/Summer types of activities, as well as an American Flag wristband.

From the website: “ is one of the web’s most popular wristband stores! With over 1 million wristbands shipped per day in a unique and unmatched shopping environment. Join the wristband experts.”

Click on the image above, any of the links, or here to find out more.

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