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2 Wonderful Events in Winter Garden on Saturday, October 9th.

There are two wonderful events happening really close to each other on Saturday, October 9th, at Winter Garden Village at Fowler Groves (near the 429 and 535).

First event is a 5K Run at 7:30AM, with race day registration beginning at 6:30AM followed by a Fun Walk at 10AM. Please go HERE for more info.

Then, from 10AM – 2PM is an adoption drive by the group at PetSmart, which is also in the Village. In fact, if you are participating in either of the earlier events (which are being held to raise money for women’s health education), the course goes right in front of PetSmart. Visit their website tonight, so that you can get an idea of which rescued dog you would be interested in possibly adopting. Also, while on their website, you can apply so you can be pre-approved before tomorrow.

So, they you go, two events, both of which support wonderful causes. You can help fund women’s health education as you run, walk, stroll or roll through the village, or welcome a new furry friend into your home.

A Pair of $2.00 off Coupons for Wardley Fish Food.

If you have pet fish, and want to stock on up on fish food, PetSmart sells this for $2.49.

So, with either the or coupons (click on either of them), you can usually print 2x, you will be able to save on a few cans of fish food.


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