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Fun Personalized Stuff for Dads (Father’s Day is June 20th)

I am the Father of two wonderful kids, who really are more then 1 in a million to me and Kathy. I love every moment I spend with Sammy and Anna, even when they are misbehaving, or as Kathy says “acting like their Dad”.

Here are three ideas on what that special guy in your life, or the life of your children. All of these are what I would call “Mark Approved”. Yes, I am a very laid back type of guy, I do wear suits once in a while and do own cuff links, dress watches, etc.

As a side note, we LOVE Personal Creations. Whether we have received items as gifts, or items that we have just bought for our house or to use as gifts for other people, we have always found the quality and workmanship to be top notch.


Personal Creations is a personal favorite of our’s.

I can not tell you enough how much we love the items that people have given us from Personal Creations.

No, they are not having a sale right now. I just wanted to let you know about them in case you have a few upcoming weddings and baby showers to attend. Kathy and I enjoy giving and receiving gifts from Personal Creations. The products are very well made and the customized parts are very well produced.

Clicking on either the text link or either of the images will take you to their website.

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