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FREE LEGO Police Boat W/$35.00 Purchase at

LEGO Brand Retail

Our family pretty much keeps LEGO in the black bricks,
so I am being honest when I tell you the above deal is a
good one.

Even if you already have the Police Boat in your
house, if you take advantage of this deal, you now will have
a very inexpensive gift for a neighbor child on their birthday
or during the holidays.

The above banner pretty much says it all.

Spend $35.00 at and get a FREE LEGO City Police Boat.

Click on the banner above or HERE to to advantage of this GREAT deal.

Select Star Wars LEGO Magnets 30% OFF! has these two magnet sets on sale at 30% OFF.
The regular price is $14.99 but right now the price is only $9.98 per 3 pc set.

Simply click here or on either of the images for more info.

Your fridge has a dark side!
The Empire is on the march – across your fridge! These authentic LEGO® Star Wars Battle-Damaged Darth Vader, Snowtrooper and Shadow Trooper minifigures include magnetic attachments to stick to refrigerators and other metal surfaces. Includes lightsaber and blasters!

Relive the excitement of Star Wars Episode I – on your fridge!
Straight from Episode I The Phantom Menace, young Anakin Skywalker, a Naboo Fighter Pilot and the evil Darth Maul battle for the fate of the Republic and the galaxy on your fridge or other metal surfaces. Magnet set includes 3 authentic LEGO Star Wars minifigures with accessories!

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