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Have you heard or visited FaveCrafts?

FaveCrafts is one of my most favorite FREE crafts/creativity sites. Yes, this post deals with their recycling e-book, but they have ssooooo many other areas. We have many hours of fun time with our kids doing the projects.

As soon as I post this I am going to download the recycling e-book in which you you can find:
Section 1: Paper
Learn how to use junk mail to make paper beads

Section 2: Paper Making
Use paper, magazines and greeting cards to create different kinds of crafts

Section 3: Metal
Use tins and cans to create little critters and luminaries

Section 4: Plastic
Use those old bottles, cans and containers to create household items and decor

Section 5: Glass
Don’t break those old wine bottles, create coasters out of them

Section 6: Clothing
Sweaters and belts don’t have to be clothing items, they can be made into bracelets

Section 7: Miscellaneous
Take those old CD’s and turn them into ornaments

And much more…

So, seriously, if you want to see the same old junk in a new way, or just want to ignite your creativity side, please go here and enjoy your play time.

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