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Reserve the 2011 Entertainment book, Get 2010 FREE

It is Mid-June, which means that the deals on the 2010 Entertainment book have begun.

Here is my post from a few months ago about how the Entertainment book pays for itself. We have used our Save-A-Lot coupons without a problem, as have several of our neighbors.

Click Here to reserve the 2011 Entertainment book and get the 2010 FREE.

Publix Savings with the Entertainment book.

As you may already know, or are about to learn, Publix stores system wide will redeem coupons from their competitors. Now, what the actual definition of the term competitor is up to the actual district/regional manger and the store manager.

If your area has both Save-a-Lot stores and Publix stores, in the 2010 Entertainment book there is a page with FIVE (5) $5.00/$20.00 Save-a-Lot coupons, which is a total savings of $25.00. We sell the Entertainment book for just $15.00 per copy with free shipping. So after your 3rd trip to Publix or Save-a-Lot your ENTIRE 2010 Entertainment book has been paid for.

Plus, with each book purchase you get online access to hundreds of additional local printable coupons and incredible online shopping discounts not found in the book.

To order your copy of the Entertainment book, or an Entertainment book for another city that you visit often, click here.

Because I love doing research for our readers, here is the list of editions in Florida that DO contain the $5.00/$30.00 Save-A-Lot coupons:
Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach
Space Coast/Brevard County
St. Petersburg/Clearwater

One last little tidbit, sometimes when you purchase more than one Entertainment book (for a different city), the additional books are $10.00 each. I have yet to figure out which books are $10.00 each as a second book though. I have placed a call to Entertainment to find out. I will update this post when I hear back. If you order 2 books for the same city, the price is $15.00 per book, still a GREAT DEAL. Remember, this offer comes with FREE SHIPPING.

To take advantage of this offer, simply click HERE, or the banner above or any of the links. If you life outside the state of Florida, you can also find the Entertainment closest to your city by clicking HERE.

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