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Kathy and I are not the type of people that go around telling friends or family that they shouldn’t let their children watch this, read this or listen to that. Mostly because almost all of our neighbors and friends know what their children are watching, reading, listening to, or looking at on the web. This includes the websites that the visit online while at home. In our house we have two bookmarks on our daughters hand me down laptop computer, PBSKids and NickJr. The browser can not be directed to any other website using her login. She does not have a TV in her bedroom. is not preachy, it simply tells you the information ad lets you decide what to do. The information is age based and you can select the age range.

They offer a weekly email newsletter that contains information and the current additions to their database. reports on the latest movies, TV shows, video games, books, music, and websites.

Right now they have a promotion that if you can get a FREE 1 week trial subscription to Disney Digital Books, which by the way you can also get for FREE via here.

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