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Coming August 30th: Boca Java’s ATOMIC Coffee

Atomic Coffee - 50% More Caffeine!
Hello, my name is Mark, and I am a coffee drinker. Usually black, sometimes warm, sometimes room temp because it is in a 40oz cup and I have filled it at least once already. Yes, I drink coffee like it was water.

When I received an email from Boca Java about their new product ATOMIC, with more caffeine than a typical cup of coffee, I sent back a reply asking, “Hello Boca Java, In a standard sized cup of coffee, how much caffeine does Atomic coffee have? Thanks, Mark”

Here is their reply:
“Mark, Very good question. We actually had to call our RoastMaster on vacation to find the answer out. You normally measure coffee in 5 oz. so with the new Atomic coffee you are looking at an approxmate of 237.50 mg of caffeine in the 5 oz. cup. Thanks – (Boca Java)”

A standard 12oz Coke (per their website) has 34mg of caffeine and a standard Mt. Dew (not Code Red, Volt, etc) has 36mg (per their website).

I have not yet sampled ATOMIC, though I think it will help on those long marathon sessions typing up the store inserts for I have had many of their other coffees, and have enjoyed them all.

So it is only natural that I can’t wait to test ATOMIC from Boca Java, coming August 30, 2010.

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