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FREE Sample of Wisk Courtesy of

Yes, you read the headline right. Head on over to’s Sample Spot and answer three questions. Plus, you will need to hand over your shipping info, and in 4-6 weeks or so you be the proud owner of a sample of the new Wisk with Stain Spectrum Technology.

Just wondering how many people will be saying “Say Hello to my little friend” as they pour their sample over some stained laundry.

I have no idea how large the sample is.

100% Savings at Target. Only Paid the Tax.

Below is our reason why we love using coupon this week.
Please share your successes!

Target: Total Spent $1.47 (Sales Tax),  Saved $22.41,  94% Savings

Here are the coupons I used:
8 – $1.00 Werther’s Coupons from SS 5/9 (On sale for $1.00)
10 – $1.00 Tide Coupons from PG 7/4  (Are in the 99¢ section)
1 – FREE Kleenex Hand Towels Receipt Coupon from the Coupon Gods.

OK, why do I use the term Coupon Gods? Years ago there was a movie titled The Gods Must Be Crazy” which in the very simplest of forms is about a Bushman who knows nothing about anything other cultures finds a Coke bottle and thinks it had mystical powers. I admit, I found the coupon while walking towards the entrance, and that I have been patiently waiting to use one of the $1.00/1 BLINKY coupons I found at Publix, but this was a bargain, the receipt coupon was for a FREE one.

Thank you Coupon Gods.

Why We Love Couponing for May 28, 2010

Below is our reason why we love couponing this week.
Please share your successes!

Publix: Total Spent $55.59, Saved $106.30,  66% Savings

Here are the coupons we used:
1 – $5/$50 Albertsons Circuclar Coupons
8 – $1.00 Ocean Spray Fruit & Veggie Coupons from RP 3/21
1 – B3G1 Oreo Coupons from PRINT (Target Coupon)

2 – $1.00/2 Nabisco Coupons from Nabisco Save $55 Calendar
1 – 35¢ Eggland’s Best Eggs Coupon from SS 1/17 or SS 3/14
2 – $3.00 Bic Coupons from RP 5/2

8 – 75¢ Chinet Coupons from SS 3/28
10 – $1.00 New York Style Coupons from SS 3/28

Please share how your shopping trip went this week.
Even if you are just starting out, that is OK,
we and your fellow readers are here to help.

Publix Baby Coupon Flier With Match-Ups

Found this at a SW Orlando Publix today (March 11, 2010). It has been awhile since Publix has done a baby needs specific flier. Though they do not jump off the page as coupons, there are 5 items there have LU#s (Look-Up Numbers).

The coupons, which are valid March 10-17, 2010 are:
$3.00 OFF of Pampers Big Pack Box (Crusiers 48, 56, 64, or 76ct OR Baby Dry 60, 70, 82, or 96ct
$1.50 from PG 2/7

$3.00 OFF a box of Huggies, Select Varieties (Supreme 48-76ct, Snug & Dry 60-96ct, Pull-Ups 33-44ct, or GoodNites 21-27ct)
$1.50 from PRINT (Target Coupon)
$1.50 from SS 2/28

$3.00 OFF of Mrs. Meyer’s Baby Care Products, 4-12.5oz

$5.00/2 Similac Large Powder Infant Formula, 22 or 23.2oz, Asst’d Varieties

$7.00/2 Enfamil Large Powder Infant Formula, 23.4-25.7oz, Asst’d Varieties

If you are expecting a child or know someone who is, you really need to sign up for their baby/preschool clubs.

Target Deals, Nov 8th – 14th

Here are the deals that a too good to pass up!

Mr. Potato Head –  Santa Spud   $5.99    (It is in the Christmas section)
$5.00   from   PRINT
$.99  for this adorable Christmas Gift.    Don’t miss out these will go fast!

Hefty  One  Zips,  $1.00
$1.00   from   RP 9/27

Ray-O-Vac Alkaline Batteries, $1.00 (found in the $1 section at the front of the store
$1.00   from   SS 11/8,  SS 10/18

Here’s a slightly more complicated deal, but can really pay off.
Buy 5 Glade Holiday Scented Candle Tins, Glass Holders or Refills @ $2.50 each, Get a $5 Target Gift Card
Buy 5 Glade Tins & 5 Refills
Use 5 B1G1 Free refill wyb a holder PRINT coupons
AND use $1.50/1 coupons found inside the Glade candle tins

Pay $5.00
Get $10 in Target cards,     $5 Money-maker
PLUS, you can send in for the SC Johnson $5 Rebate too!!

Wii Games Deal at Target.


Target has Wii games on sale at Buy Two Get One Free (B2G1) AND if you use the Target coupon found HERE you can SAVE an additional $10 off the purchase of those two Wii games! coupons. Online and In the Store.

Just read on the Frugal Force about that a woman overheard two women in the restroom talking about printing coupons out from I will spare you the details of the entire overheard conversation, but will add that besides, you can also print coupons in the store at their very own computer (SAVING YOUR PAPER AND INK). Simply go to the Gift Registry Kiosks, scroll down to “Grocery Coupons” and select the coupons that you want to print.

Though Publix Supermarkets have a very generous redemption policy when it comes to competitor coupons most stores will not accept coupons for just Target, but WILL accept coupons for SUPER Target. Just save yourself some trouble and double check with the customer service desk prior to using Target/Super Target coupons at your local Publix Supermarkets. Of course the competitor has to be in the region of the store you are using the coupon at. One thing thou

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