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Reserve the 2011 Entertainment book, Get 2010 FREE

It is Mid-June, which means that the deals on the 2010 Entertainment book have begun.

Here is my post from a few months ago about how the Entertainment book pays for itself. We have used our Save-A-Lot coupons without a problem, as have several of our neighbors.

Click Here to reserve the 2011 Entertainment book and get the 2010 FREE.

Why We Love Couponing, 01/08/10

Hello all, as I posted earlier on  twitter, I was out testing different combinations at Publix.  Below is one of the better combos, yielding enough pasta to share with neighbors and Bayer Asprin to give to our relatives who use it daily. I’m still pinching myself at how well we did.

Spent $.02,  Saved  $49.50,  99.9% (Below are the coupons we used)
6 – $5.00/2 Bayer store coupons from the Green Adv Flyer
12 – $1.00 Bayer Manuf Coupons

Spent $.77, Saved $12.50, 94% (Below are the coupons we used)
$3.50 RR, $1 RR
$2.50 Electrasol Manufacturer Coupon
$3.00 Glade Candle Manufacturer Coupon

Spent $8.98, Saved $14.01, Saved 61% (Below are the coupons we used)
$1.10 Progresso Soup Manuf Coupon
$1.00 Digiorno Manuf Coupon

Spent $2.12, Saved $30.47, 93% (Below are the coupons we used)
$5 off $20 – Save-A-Lot Store Coupon
$2.00/2 Nabisco Manufacturer Coupon
3 – $4.00 Glade Candle Store Coupons
3 – $2.00 Glade Candle Manuf. Coupons

Proctor & Gamble Home Mailer

Save-a-Lot is advertising their Procter & Gamble coupon booklet again. The coupons from the last booklet have all expired so you should be able to get another one. Go here to register for it.

According to Southern Savers the last booklet was all manufacturer coupons that could be used anywhere, and they were all high value coupons, so here’s hoping for the same again.

Thanks Southern Saver

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