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How my last FREE Slurpee on 7/11 might just pay off.

Just stopped by a 7-Eleven for what is now my 4th and last FREE Slurpee, which is actually equivalent to the Super Duper whatever they call the really big Slurpee that I can no longer drink like I used to because I am at the age that I really need to worry about how my present day actions will affect the future for my family Slurpee. As a quick side note, it was pretty humorous seeing a group of adults standing around the Slurpee machine filling their cup and then pretty much inhaling it just so they could get another. I was not one of the those people, nor did I dump the 7.11oz into a larger cup in my car. BTW, I doubt I will be drinking a Slurpee again for the next couple of weeks.

What I found was a tearpad coupon for 50¢ OFF a bag of Cheetos, 2.25oz or larger.
This manufacturer coupon expires on 8/31/10. This coupon is not connected to 7-Eleven in obvious way.

I personally do not like Cheetos purely because of the orange residue, but Anna loves them, so she will be stoked for a few trips to 7-Eleven in the future.

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