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Why Publix Most Likely Won’t Honor Your Albertsons Store Coupon Soon

For a couple of year’s now we have received a couple of the Albertsons inserts in the mail. All you had to do was fax them a form and they would add you to the list. Today we received the above letter in our mail box (click to see larger view).

Though the letter above states that “Albertsons in concerned about protecting the enviroment…” I bet you that in reality the amount that they are paying in just postage is far and away more than the mailings brought in weekly via the mailings. Everyone that I know that receive the inserts via the Post Office have not stepped foot in an Albertsons in many months.

So basically the letter states that we will no longer be receiving the inserts via snail mail, but instead if we hand over an email address, they will add us to the VIP First Look program, and email us the same information. What will be interesting is if they kill off the coupon all together or they make it something that you have to visit or similar service to be able to print out.

If they simply have the coupon as part of the email, and you can print 1 to as many as you wish, well, Publix simply has to say, “No More Albertsons Coupons”. In the past they could at least tell it was from an insert.

What do you think?

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