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Debt Free Christmas!

Last year at this time I made a plan. Not to go into debt for  Christmas. I love how much more relaxed and stress free our holiday was because we weren’t concerned about paying bills in January. Here’s how we did it.

Opinion Outpost –  $100 in Amazon money. Click HERE to sign up.

Click & Earn
My Points – $80 in department store gift cards. Email us for an invite.
Swagbucks – $100 in Amazon money. Click HERE to Sign Up.

Home Parties
Premier Jewelry – $400 in free jewelry. If you live in Orlando, email Linda at to set up your home party.

Credit Card Offers
Chase Disney Rewards – $300 in Disney money just for signing up!

iPhone Apps:
There are a bunch of FREE “Sign-In/Check-In” types of apps for the iphone, but here are two that Mark uses every single day, and he has earned GameStop gift cards, Amazon cash, and more.

Shopkick: Very simple to use, check in at a store, and scan the bar codes shown. Can use this app all day, and the points add up fast. Can “check-in” to a store without having to actually be inside the store. Click HERE to download Shopkick via the iTunes AppStore. When registering from your iPhone, please use promo code reddeer21. Entering the promo code will add 100 “kickbucks” to your account.

Free Stuff
I saved all the free candles, body wash, socks and such to use a filler in gift baskets.

Next year my goal is to do even better! How did you do this Christmas? Mark & I hope that you had as close to as possible debt free Christmas. Did you find any year long money saving methods that worked better for you than others? What were they so we can all learn from each other.

Free Clorox Wipes at Publix!

Clorox wipes are on sale for $2.00 at Publix.

Use  $2/2 from Yellow Advantage Buy(store coupon)

and $2/2 from All the Trimmings (manuf coupon)

Get 2 FREE (except for the tax,  darn it)

A Free Alaska Travel Planner, From

Travel Alaska

I know, some of you are asking, “Mark, seriously, Alaska?” My reply is that because this is one of the states that I have wanted to visit for such a long time, that maybe, just maybe, you my faithful readers would be interested in traveling there also. The form to fill out is one page, and pretty much basic mailing info. So click on either the banner above, or HERE, and sign up.

Happy Hannukah, Now Open Your Advent Calendar.

Tonight, (12/1/10) is not only the First Night of Hannukah, but since Christmas is 24 days away, this is also the first night to use an Advent calendar.

In our family that means that after we lit the Menorah, and I told the annual story of Chanukah, we handed our kids their first Advent calendars and while they enjoyed their chocolate treats, Kathy showed them how we can use the calendars to countdown to Christmas.

BTW, yes, I know that I spelled the 8 Night Festival of Light two different ways, they are just a few of the ways that the holiday can be spelled. L’chaim.

Rosa Parks Honored by Google

Have you been to today (12/1/10)? If you haven’t, their “google doodle” honors Rosa Parks and her refusal 55 years ago to relinquish her seat on a Montgomery, Ala., bus to a white passenger.

Clicking on the above graphic will take you to the results page
for Rosa Parks, via of course.

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