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Why We Love Couponing, April 30, 2010

Kathy and I are so proud of our daughter Anna. She made her first 100% Savings purchase at Publix today. Lunchables are $1.00 each, and she found the $1.00 OFF coupons.

Below is our reason why we love couponing this week.
Please share your successes!

Publix, Paid $58.43, Saved $111.40, 68% Savings

Here are the coupons we used:
1- $5.00/$50.00 Albertsons Coupon from newspaper insert
5-$1.00/2 Starkist Tuna from RP 2/14

10-$1.00 Ocean Spray Grapefruit Juice coupons from RP 2/14

15-$1.00 Lunchables coupons from SS 3/21

1-$1.00/2 Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks from TEARPAD
1-$1.00/1 any Juice Boxes or Pouches from TEARPAD

1-35¢ Eggland’s Best coupon from SS 1/17 or SS 3/14

1-$1.00/2 Fresh Express Lettuce from Publix Family Style Mag (home mailed version)

Please share how your shopping trip went this week.
Even if you are just starting out, that is OK,
we and your fellow readers are here to help.

SAVE $1.50 on Nabisco Oreo Cakesters WYB 1 Gal of Milk Tearpad at Publix

I found this tearpad coupon for $1.50 OFF any 1 (one) package of Nabisco Oreo Cakesters (10.56 – 12 oz) WYB 1 gallon of milk at a Clermont, FL Publix.

This manufacturer coupon expires on 8/31/10.

The price for this item on 4/30/10 was $3.39

Any Juice Box/Pouch WYB Kellogg’s Fruit Flavored Snacks Tearpad at Publix.

I found this tearpad coupon for $1.00 OFF any Juice Boxes or Pouches (any brand, flavor, or size) WYB 2 (two) Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks on 4/30/10 at a Clermont, FL Publix.

This manufacturer coupon expires on 5/13/10.

The price for this item on 4/30/10 was $21.79 (CapriSun pouches)

Kellogg’s Fruit Flavored Snacks Tearpad at Publix

I found this tearpad coupon for $1.00 OFF any 2 (two) Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks on 4/30/10 at a Clermont, FL Publix.

This manufacturer coupon expires on 7/31/10.

The price for this item on 4/30/10 was $2.95 (B1G1)

Land O’Lakes 55¢ Tearpad Coupon at Publix

I found this tearpad coupon for 55¢ OFF any 1 (one) Land O Lakes Fresh Buttery Taste Spread on 4/30/10 at a Clermont, FL Publix.

This manufacturer coupon expires on 9/30/10.

The price for this item on 4/30/10 was $2.09

End of the Month Coupon Printing Time.

Hello everyone. One ritual that Kathy and I have is the monthly review of coupons that we might use soon, but have yet to print from either, or

Yes, sometimes you have to juggle the thought of ink/paper vs savings at the register, but I would rather print a coupon (and pass it along to a neighbor, friend, or family member a week or two before it expires) than to know there was a coupon and I didn’t print it. Don’t forget that you can almost always print 2 coupons PER computer simply by clicking on your web browser’s back button.

If you want to look over the sites above, just click on either their links above, or on their icons:

Join Home Depot’s Garden Club & SAVE MONEY.

Join Home Depot’s Garden Club and get
money-saving offers and tip saving tips now!

Just to give you an idea of the coupons that we
received in the mail for April, go here.

Each month has different coupons.

If you want more info, (including a direct link to the sign up page), click here.

Winn-Dixie Deals for April 28 – May 4

Here are the Winn-Dixie Deals of the Week for April 28-May 4. Please note that these deals are from their Central Florida store insert, so your store might have different pricing or deals.

Make a Meal Promotion:
Buy 2 12″ 20.5-22.85oz Tombstone Pizzas for $11.98
$3.00/2 from Tearpad Which States Redeem at Publix, but IS a Manufacturer Coup.
Get the following for FREE:
Cole’s Garlic Bread Stricks, 10.5oz
50¢/1 Cole’s Brand Breads from PRINT
Totino’s Pizza Rolls, 15ct
40¢/2 Totino’s Pizza Rolls snacks SS 4/18
Breyers Ice Cream, 48oz
$2.00/2 from Nestle School Days Made Simple Calendar
Pepsi Product, 2 ltr bottle

This Week’s Winn-Dixie B1G2 Deals: (While Supplies Last, No Rainchecks)
Country Crock Macaroni & Cheese Deluxe, 23oz, $5.29

This Week’s Winn-Dixie B1G1 Deals With Coupon Match-Ups:
Dole Salad Kits or Blends, 5-14oz, $4.79
75¢ from Blinky

Kellogg’s Cereal, 16-25oz, Asst’d Varieties, $4.99
$1.00/2 from RP 4/11 and from PRINT
70¢/1 from Blinky
$1.00/3 from RP 4/11
$1.00/2 from RP 4/11
$1.50/2 from RP 3/28

$1.50/2 from PRINT
$1.00 from RP 3/21
$2.00/2 from RP 3/21
$1.00 from

SuperPretzel, 13oz, $3.49
50¢/1 from RP 3/14, 3/21 or from PRINT

Classico Pasta Sauce, 10-24oz, $4.19 (Includes Organic)
$1.00/2 from PRINT
$1.50 from SS 3/14
$1.50/2 from

Mueller’s Pasta, 16oz, no price (Excludes Lasagna)
55¢/2 from Mueller’s Pasta “Plan on Pasta 2010 Calendar” booklet
$1.00/3 from

Post Cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats (13-14.5oz), Selects (13-15.5oz), or Vanilla Clusters (18oz), $4.49
$2.00 from PRINT
$1.00/2 from Tearpad/Demo Handout
$1.00/2 from SS 3/14

Crystal Light Drink Mix, 8-12qt or On the Go 7-10ct, $4.99
50¢/2 from Tearpad
$1.00/2 from Tearpad

Sunshine Cheez-It Crackers, 11-14oz, $4.39
$2.00/2 from Tearpad

Nabisco ‘Nilla Wafers, 11-12oz, $4.39
$1.00 from Tearpad
$1.00 Nilla Wafers wyb (2) Jell-O Boxes from  Deliciously Simple Recipes
$1.00 Nilla Wafers wyb (1) Box Jell-O and Philadelphia Cream Cheese Tearpad

Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Popcorn, 10ct mini, or 6ct regular, $5.49
$1.50/4 Conagra Products from PRINT
40¢/1 from SS 3/28
$1.00 from “Rediscover Your Balance” mailer

Kraft Mayonanaise or Miracle Whip, 22-32oz, $4.99
55¢ from Kraft Food and Family Booklet

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, 16oz, $4.99
$1.oo/1  from PRINT

Hunt’s Natural Ketchup, 35-36oz, $4.99
$1.00/2 from April All You Mag
$1.00/2 from Conagra home mailer
$25 Conagra Coupon Book
Mail in Rebate wyb $10 of Conagra products

Arm & Hammer + OxiClean 2x Liquid Laundry Detergent, 31-36 loads, $6.99
$1.00/2 from SS 4/11 or from PRINT

Spray ‘n Wash, 22-30oz, $5.49
75¢/1 from PRINT

Spray ‘n Wash With Resolve, 44oz, $5.49
75¢/1 from PRINT

Finish Dishwasher Detergent, Powerball, Gelpac or Quantum, at $5.79
25¢/1 from SS 4/11
75¢/1 from SS 4/11

Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner, 32oz, $4.99
50¢/1 from SS 2/21
$1.00/2 from SS 2/21

Carbona Stain Devil Cleaners, 1.7oz, $4.99
$1.00 from RP 4/11
$1.00 from RP 3/14
$1.00 from RP 3/21

Sundown or Nature’s Bounty Vitamins or Supplements, ALL, No Price Listed
Sundown, $3.00/2 from PRINT
Sundown, $1.00 from RP 4/11
Nature’s Bounty, $1.00 from RP 3/14
Nature’s Bounty, $1.00 from RP 4/25

This Week’s Winn-Dixie B1G1 Deals Without Coupon Match-Ups:
Chicken Breasts, Boneless, Skinless, $4.29/lb
Chicken Leg Quarters, Family Pack, $1.79/lb on 2/lbs
Pork Chops, Center Cut, Boneless, $5.39/lb
Bottom Round Steaks, Boneless, $4.99/lb
Rump Roast, $4.99/lb
White Shrimp, Medium, 51-60ct, $10.99
Peeled and Deveined Shrimp, Medium, 40-51ct, $10.99
Sea Best Jumbo Butterfly Breaded Shrimp, 10oz, $5.99
Sea Best Breaded Coconut Shrimp, 9oz, $5.99
Sea Best Breaded Breaded Scallops, 10oz, $5.99
Pork Loin Country Style Ribs, Boneless, $5.39/lb
Whiting, 24oz, $6.99
Flounder, Cod, or Perch, 12oz, $6.99
Nature’s Own Breakfast Bread, 16oz, $3.79
Sunny D Citrus Drink, 64oz, $1.99
Taco Bell Dinner Kits, $2.99
Taco Bell Bowlz, 9oz, $2.79
Old El Paso Dinner Kits, $2.99
Old El Paso Seasoning Mixes, $2.99
Old El Paso Taco Shells, hard or soft, $1.99
Old El Paso Refried Beans, 16oz can, $1.49
Entenmann’s All Butter Loaf Cake, 12oz, $4.29
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Explosion, 5.5oz, $2.99
Kraft Homestyle Deluxe Dinners, 12.6oz, $2.99
Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese Explosion, 9-14oz, $2.99
Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese, 9-14oz, $2.99
Kool-Aid or Country Time Powder Mix, 10-12 ct singles or 8 qrt, $4.99
Campbell’s Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup, 10.75oz can, $1.09
Green Giant Vegetables, 11-15.25oz can, $1.39 (excludes asparagus)
Snuggle Blue Fabric Sheets, 80ct, $6.99
Celetano Cheese Ravioli, 13oz, $3.19

This Week’s $1.00 Deals With Coupon Match-Ups:
Gatorade, 32oz, $1.00
50¢/1 from tearpad

Sobe or Sobe Lifewater, 20oz, $1.00
B1G1 Sobe LifeWater from PRINT

This Week’s $1.00 Deals Without Coupon Match-Ups:
Stuffed Crab, 2.5oz, $1.00
Tilapia, Flounder, Salmon, or Scallops, 4oz, $1.00
Colgate Toothpaste, 4oz, $1.00
Aim Toothpaste, 6oz, $1.00
Nutrament, 12oz can, $1.00
Cliff or Luna Bars, 1ct, $1.00
Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes, 10oz, $1.00

This Week’s Featured Items With Coupon Match-Ups:
Oscar Mayer Beef Franks or Beef Bologna, 16oz, $3.00
$1.00/2 from SS 3/07

Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat (wide variety), 14-16oz, $2.50
$1.00/2 from SS 3/07

Oscar Mayer Fun Pack Lunchables, 10.5-12.5oz, Asst’d Varieties, $2.00
$1.00/2 from SS 3/07

General Mills Cereal, 10.9-17.25oz, Wide Variety, $2.50
$1.00/3 from SS 3/28
$1.00/2 from SS 3/07
$1.00/2 from
$1.00/2 from PRINT
$1.00/2 from SS 2/21
$1.00/3 from SS 2/7
50¢/1 SS 4/18 or from
55¢/1 from PRINT

Kraft Chunk or Shredded Cheese, 16oz, $3.99
55¢ from Kraft Food & Family
$2.00/2 from BLINKY

Polly-O Mozzarella Cheese, 16oz, $3.99
$1.00 from SS 3/28

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, 8ct, 16.3-17.3oz, $1.25
75¢/2 from PRINT
75¢/2 from PRINT

Smart Balance Buttery Spread, 45oz, $5.99
$1.00/2 from RP 3/21

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers or Select Vegetables, 7-10oz Boil in Bag or 12oz, $1.25
50¢/2 from SS 3/07
40¢/1 from SS 3/28
$1.00/2 from SS 3/07, 3/28
50¢/2 from

Bridgeford Monkey Bread, 16oz, $2.50
55¢ from PRINT

Coffee-Mate Flavored Creamers, 32oz, $3.00
$1.00/2 from Nestle School Days Made Simple Calendar

Farm Rich Mozzarella Bites, Pizza Slices, Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers, Meatballs, Cheese Sticks, 20-32oz, $5.99
$1.00 from SS 3/14

Nestlé Drumsticks, 4ct, $3.35
$1.00 from May All You Magazine. Subscription info for All You Magazine

Edy’s Fruit Bars, 6-12ct, $3.35
$1.00 from May All You Magazine. Subscription info for All You Magazine

Wesson Oil, Canola, Vegetable, Best Blend, Corn, 48oz, $2.50
$1.00/2 from April All You Magazine. Subscription info for All You Magazine
$1.00/1 from Rediscover Your Balance Mailer
25¢/1 from SS 3/28

Zatarain’s Rice Mixes, 6-8oz, $1.50
$1.00/3 from RP 4/11

Bush’s Best Baked Beans or Grillin’s Beans, 22-28oz, $1.67
$1.00/2 from SS 4/18

Tostitos Tortilla Chips, 9-15oz, $3.00
Free Tostitos Salsa wyb (2) Tostitos Chips tearpad
$2.00 WYB (2) Tostitos Salsa AND (1) bag of Tostitos chips tearpad
$1.00/2 from SS 4/25

Tostitos Dips or Salsa, 15oz, $3.00
Free Tostitos Salsa wyb (2) Tostitos Chips tearpad
$2.00 WYB (2) Tostitos Salsa AND (1) bag of Tostitos chips tearpad
$1.00/2 from SS 4/25

Tidy Cats Scoop Litter, 20lb, $7.99
$1.00 from RP 2/7

Beggin’ Strips, 5-6oz, $3.00
$1.00 from PRINT

Busy Brand or T-Bonz, 4-7oz, $3.00
$1.00 from RP 2/7

Friskies Dry Cat Food, 3.15-4.15lbs, $3.99
$1.00 from RP 2/7

Friskies Cat Food, 5.5oz can, 45¢ each, (excludes Selects)
$1.00/15 from RP 2/7

Viva Paper Towels, 6pk, $6.49
85¢/1 from SS 4/25
60¢/1 from SS 4/25
50¢/1 from

Cottonelle Bath Tissue, 12 Double Rolls, $6.49
50¢/1 from PRINT or PRINT
50¢/1 from SS 3/14
$1.00 from April All You MagazineSubscription info for All You Magazine

Huggies Diapers, 19-50ct, $9.99
$3.00 from PRINT
$1.50 from SS 4/18

Huggies GoodNites, 10-11ct, $9.99
$1.50 from SS 4/18

Johnson’s Baby Products, 6.5-15oz, $2.99
$1.00 from RP 3/7
$1.00 from SS 4/25

U by Kotex, Tampons 18ct, Liners 60ct, Ultra Thin Feminine Pads 14-18ct, $3.50
$1.50 from SS 4/18

Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash, 18oz, $3.00
B1G1 Old Spice Body Wash RP 4/18

Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash, 12oz, $3.00
B1G1 Old Spice Body Wash RP 4/18

Gillette Body Wash, 12oz, $3.00
$2.00 from PG 3/07

L’Oréal Vive Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styling Product, 1.7-13oz, $2.50
$1.00 from RP 4/18

L’Oréal Preference Hair Color, $6.99
$2.00 from RP 2/7
$2.00 from RP 4/25

Aleve, Caplets or Tablets, 100ct, $7.99
$2.00 from SS 3/21

Claritin D in Pharmacy, 30ct, $18.99
$2.00 from SS 4/16

This Week’s Featured Items Without Coupon Match-Ups:
Hefty Trash Bags, CinchSak or UltraFlex, 13-30 Gallons, 25-45ct, $5.99
Grapes, Seedless, $1.29/lb
Hickory Sweet Bacon, 12-16oz, $3.00
Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, 14-16oz Links or Loop, $3.00
Jennie-O So Easy Turkey Entréea, With Gravy, Salisbury or Parmesian, 14oz, $3.49
Flanders Beef Patties, 80oz, $5.99
Land O’Frost Sliced Meat, Ham or Turkey, 16oz, $3.50
Johnsonville Italian Sausage (Mild or Hot), Bratwurst, 19.7oz , $3.99
Trout Fillets, Steelhead, $7.99/lb
Kraft American Singles, Yellow or White, 16oz, $3.00
Pillsbury Grands! Cinnamon Rolls, 8ct, 17.5oz, $2.50
Pillsbury Big & Flaky Crescent Rolls, 6ct, $2.50
Pillsbury Simply French Bread, 13.2oz, $2.50
Pillsbury Simply Cookie Dough, 14oz, $2.50
Pillsbury Read to Bake Roll, 16oz or 16.5oz, $2.50
Seattle’s Best Coffee, 12oz, $5.99
Tyson Chicken Fillets, Tenderloins, or Wings, 20-32oz, $6.99
Mrs. Paul’s Fish Fillets or Sticks, 19-26oz, $4.99
Kashi Dinners, 10oz, $4.00
Delizza Eclairs or Cream Puffs, 13.2-14.8oz, $3.99
Florida’s Natural Premium Orange Juice, 64oz, $3.00
Lean Cuisine Entrées, 5-11.5oz, $2.00
Lean Cuisine Pizza, Paninis or Flatbreads, 6-6.75oz, $2.00
Hungry Man Dinners, 16-17oz, $2.50 (excludes XXL)
Kashi Pizza, 11.9-12.2oz, $5.99
Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream, 14oz, $3.00
Nestlé Eskimo Pie Bars, 6-12ct, $3.35
Nestlé Kids Push-Ups, 6-12ct, $3.35
Nestlé Delicias Bars, 6ct, $3.35
Coca-Cola Products, 12oz cans, 12pk, $3.34
Kool-Aid Jammers, 10pk, $2.00
Ocean Spray 100% Cranberry Juice Blends, 64oz, $3.00
Ocean Spray Fruit & Vegetable Blends, 64oz, $3.00
Ocean Spray Cranergy, 64oz, $3.00
Lipton Tea, .5ltr bottles, 12pk, $4.99
Lay’s Variety Pack, 20-22ct, $5.99
Pepsi Products, 8pk bottles, $2.99
Purina Dog Chow or Puppy Chow, Dry Dog Food, 17-20lb bag, $10.99
Mighty Dog Dog Food, 5.5oz, 12pk, $7.99
Hefty Foam Plates, 8-7/8″, 130ct, $3.99
Mardi Gras Napkins, 250ct, $2.00
Depends Undergarments 14-20ct, $10.99
Poise Pads, 36-104ct $10.99
Aleve, Liquigels 40ct, $7.99
Claritin Tablets or Redi-Tabs, 30ct, $18.99
Claritin Liquidgels, 18ct, $18.99
Sweet Corn, Whole, $1.50
Cucumbers, Grown in Florida, 49¢
Dole Pre-Cut Vegetables, 8-12oz, $2.50
Tomatoes, Roma, $1.49/lb
Dole White Mushrooms, Whole or Sliced, 8oz, $1.29
Potatoes, Baking, Large, Grown in Idaho, 79¢/lb
Vidalia Sweet Onions, 99¢/lb
Cantaloupe, Each, $2.00
Strawberries, 1lb pkg, $2.50
Apples, Grown in Washington State, alb bag, $2.99
Avocados, Hass, Each, 89¢

Have A Great Shopping Trip

Albertsons Deals, 4/28 – 5/4

Here are the deals this week for Albertsons.
Make sure you use the $5/$50 coupon in this weeks newspaper insert/flyer.

Buy One Get One Deals
Thomas Bagels, 20 oz, $3.99
$1.00 from March All You Magazine

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers or Diners, 10-12oz, $4.49
$1.00/2 from SS 3/28
$1.00/2  from  PRINT

Doritos, $3.99
Boneless Petite Sirloin Steaks, $8.99 lb
Fresh Pork Steak, $3.99
Pork Chops, $4.99 lb
Boneless Chicken Breasts, $4.99 lb
Shrimp Round, 10 oz, $8.99
Swai Fillets, 16 oz, $8.99

In Flyer Coupons
Breyers Ice Cream, 48 oz, $2.50 (store coupon)
$2.00/2 from Nestle School Days Calendar (manuf coupon)

Coke 12 pks, $13.00/3
Free 8pk of mini cans (store coupon)

Sara Lee Classic White Bread, $1.99
Albertsons White Milk, 1/2 gal, $.59 (store coupon)

London Broil or Ground London Broil, B1G2 (store coupon)
Pork Tenderloin, B1G2 (store coupon)
Seasoned Bonless Chicken Breasts, B1G2 (store coupon)

This Week’s Dollar Deals
Totino’s Pizza Rolls, 7 oz, $1.00
$.40/2 from SS 4/18

Ore-Ida Crispy Fries, 7 oz, $1.00
$1.00/3 from Blinkie

Banquet Frozen Dinners, $1.00
$1.50/4 from PRINT

Uncle Bens Country Inn Rice, 6 oz, $1.00 (limit 2)
$.55 from Blinkie

Starkist Chunk Light Tuna Pouch, 2.6oz, $1.00
$1.00/2 from RP 2/14
$1.00/2  from  May All You Magazine

Hunt’s Manwich, 15 oz, $1.00
$1.50/4 from PRINT
$1.00/3  from  April All You Magazine

Chef Boyardee Microwave Pasta Bowls, 7 oz, $1.00
$1.50/4 from PRINT

Idahoan Potatoes, 4 oz, $1.00 (limit 4)
$.75/3 from PRINT

Hunt’s Ketchup, 24 oz, $1.00 (limit 2)
$1.00/2 from April All You Magazine

Parkay, tub squeeze or spray, $1.00 (limit 3)
$.75/2 from SS 3/28

Hershey’s King Size or Big Box, $1.00
$1.00 from SS 4/18 (Extra Dark Chocolate)

Flipz Pretzels, 5 oz, $1.00
$.50 from SS 3/28

Trident or Orbit Gum, 18 ct, $1.00
$1.00/3  from SS 4/11

Dial Liquid Hand Soap, 9 oz, $1.00
$.35 from RP 3/7

Coke, 2 liters, $1.00 (limit 2)
Dasani Water, 1 liter, $1.00
Arizona Tea, 42 oz, $1.00
Aquapod Water, 8 pk, $1.00
Smartwater Sport, 700 ml, $1.00
Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 4 roll, $1.00 (limit 4)
Tony’s Party Pizza, 10oz, $1.00 (limit 2)
Fresh Express Garden Salad, 12 oz, $1.00
Michelina’s Entrees, $1.00
Pictsweet Steamables Vegetables, 12 oz, $1.00
Larry’s Stuffed Potatoes, 10 oz, $1.00
Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Cups, 3 oz, $1.00
Edy’s or Skinny Cow, 5 oz, $1.00
Nestle Lemonade Cups, 12 oz, $1.00
Gatorade Sport Drink, 32 oz, $1.00
Mission Brown Bag Tortilla Chips, 14 oz, $1.00 (limit 2)
Tropicana Fruit Drinks, 64 oz, $1.00 (limit 4)
O-Sage Peaches, 29 oz, $1.00 (limit 2)
Luzianne Tea, 24 ct, $1.00 (limit 1)
Kool-Aid Packets, $1.00/8
Quaker Quakes, 4 oz, $1.00
Bisquick Shake N Pour, 5 oz, $1.00
Del Monte Canned Vegetables, 15 oz, $1.00
Mission Corn Tortillas, 30 ct, $1.00
Hunt’s Canned Tomatoes, 14 oz, $1.00
Hunt’s Tomato Sauce, 15 oz, $1.00
Rotel Diced Tomatoes, 10 oz, $1.00
Bumble Bee Solid White Tuna, 5 oz, $1.00 (limit 2)
Werther’s Bagged Candy, 5 oz, $1.00
Charleston Chews, 4 oz, $1.00
Suave Shampoo, Conditioner or Deodorant, $1.00

This Week’s Sale Items

Edwards Individual Pies or Desserts, $2.49
$1.00 from SS 4/25

Dannon Danimals Drinks or Crush Cups, $2.00
$1.00 from SS 3/28

Dole Juice Blends, 64 oz, $2.50
$1.00 from RP 4/18

Freschetta Pizza, $5.00
$1.25 from SS 3/7

Digiorno or California Pizza Kitchen for One or Flatbreads, $2.50
$1.00 from Blinkie
$.75 from Kraft Food and Family

Tropicana Pure Premium or Trop 50, $3.00
$1.00 from RP 3/14, 4/25

Rhodes Warm-N-Serv Rolls, $2.00
$1.00/2 from RP 3/21

Reddi Wip, 7 oz, $2.49
$.50 from SS 3/28

Egg Beaters, 16 oz, $2.50
$1.00 from Blinkie

Marcal Paper Towels, Bath Tissue, Napkins, Facial Tissue, 33% off
$1.00 from SS 4/25

Chock Full O’Nuts, 13 oz, $3.00
$.75 from SS 3/28

Zatarains Rice Mix, 8 oz, $1.59
$1.00/4 from RP 4/11

Nabisco Oreo Cookies or Honey Maid Grahams, $3.00
$1.00/2 from Nabisco Save $55 Calendar

Post, $2.00
(Honeycomb, Alpha-Bits, Pebbles, Raisin Bran, Golden Crisp)

Speed Stick Deodorant, $1.77
Right Guard Sport Deodorant, $1.27
Van Camps Pork and Beans, 15 oz, $.60
Mazola Cooking Oil, 48 oz, $3.19
Cheez-It Crackers, $2.50
Sunkist or Hawaiian Punch, 12 pk, $2.50

Chicken Drumsticks, $1.00 lb
Aqua Star Salmon Fillets, 4 oz, $1.00
Pork Country Style Ribs, $1.00
Whole Chicken, $.68 lb, (limit 3)
Snow Crab Clusters, $4.78 lb
Pork Spare Ribs, $1.69 lb
Alaskan Cod Fillets, $2.99 lb
Boneless Chicken Breast, $1.79 lb (in Butcher Block)
Tilapia Fillets, $2.99 lb
Ground Beef, 80 % lean, $1.79 lb
Ground Sirloin, 90% lean, $2.99 lb
Assorted Pork Chops, $1.49 lb
Large Sea Scallops, $5.99 lb
Extra Large White Shrimp, $4.99 lb
Fresh Whole Pork Picnic, $.99 lb

Lunch Box Apples, $1.00 lb
California Grown Navel Oranges, $1.00 lb
Sweet Packum Pears, $1.00 lb
Yellow Squash or Zucchini, $1.00 lb
Mangoes, $1.00
Hot House Cucumbers, $1.00
Green Pappers, $1.00
Haas Avocados, $1.00

$10.00 Rebate WYB $20.00 on Swiffer Refills.

You don’t need this flier to claim your rebate, but I I found this on April 28, 2010 at the Windermere, FL Publix.

Since this offer is on Swiffer Refills, there is a 50¢ coupon from PG 3/7.
There are also other Swiffer coupons located here.

Here is what you need to know:
1. Spend $20.00 on Swiffer Refills between April 1, 2010 and June 30, 2010. Rebate form must be postmarked by July 30, 2010.
2. Go here to download the rebate form.
3. Follow the directions on the rebate form.
4. Mail your rebate form with requested proof from step 3.
5. Allow 8-10 weeks to receive your rebate.

I know this is one rebate that Kathy and I will be taking part in.

31¢ Scoops at Baskin Robbins TONIGHT (4/28/10)

From “Join us (on April 28, 2010 from 5PM to 10PM) for 31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins® and help us honor America’s firefighters. The Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation is donating $100,000 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation™.

Participating stores will reduce prices of ice cream scoops to 31 cents*.

At some locations, you may also have an opportunity to make a donation to your local fire charities.

*Limit 3 2.5 oz scoops per person. At participating stores while supplies last.”

To find your a Baskin-Robbins location near you, click here.

$5.00 OFF on 2 Dinner Entrées at Olive Garden.

Darden Restaurants’ Olive Garden is having a promotion through May 7, 2010. With this printable coupon, you can either receive $2.50 OFF 1 Dinner Entrée or $5.00 OFF 2 Dinner Entrées. This coupon is not valid towards lunch items.

To find an Olive Garden near you, click here.

Publix Deals, April 29 – May 5

Here are the deals this week for Publix!

Buy One Get One Deals with Coupon Matchups
Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail, 64 oz , $3.99
$1.00  from  RP 2/14, 3/21

Juicy Juice All Natural, 64 oz,  $3.65
$1.00/2  from Nestle School Days Made Simple Calendar
$1.00/2 from PRINT (Must register)

Fresh Express Salads, 12 oz , $3.99
$1.00  from  Tearpad
$1.00/2  from Publix Family Style (must subscribe

Uncle Bens Converted Rice, 5lb, $6.99
$.75/2 from PRINT

Kellogg’s Fruit Flavored Snacks, 9 oz,  $2.95
$1.00 from PRINT

StarKist Albacore White Tuna In Water, 6 oz,   $3.19
$1.00/2  from May All You Magazine or RP 2/14

Tostitos Tortilla Chips, 8-14 oz, $4.99
$.55/2  from SS 4/25 (must buy chips & dip)
Free Lays  or Rold Gold wyb 2  Tostitos  from Tearpad

Oscar Mayer Meat Hot Dogs, 16 oz, $2.99
$1.00  from PRINT (if  Angus included)

Ken’s Steak House Dressing or Lite Accents, 16 oz, $3.29
$1.00/2  from  SS 3/7

Hunt’s Tomatoes, 14 oz, $1.39
$1.00/4  from  Conagra Rediscover Your Balance
$1.00/3  from  April All You Magazine

Hamburger, Chicken or Tuna Helper, $1.59
$.75/3  from 3/7, 4/11
$.75/3  from

Zatarain’s New Orleans Style Mix, 8 oz, $1.99
$1.00/4  from  RP 4/11

Thomas’ Bagels, 6 ct, $3.99
$1.00  from March All You Magazine

Mission Flour Tortillas fajita size, 20 ct, $2.69
$1.00  from Blinkie

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn, $4.89
$1.00/2  from Yellow Advantage Buy Booklet (store coupon)
$1.00/2 from
$.40  from  SS 3/28
$1.00 from Conagra Rediscover Your Balance Booklet

(use store and manuf coupon for your best deal)

Diana’s Banana Babies,  $4.49 (yum!)
$1.00  from Publix Family Style Spring 2010 (store coupon, exp 4/30)

Lender’s Bagels, 12 oz,  $1.99
$1.00/2  from Blinkie
$.50 from  March All You Magazine

Kozy Shack Pudding,  22 oz,  $2.99
$.40  from SS 2/7

Dean’s Dip,  12  – 16 oz, $2.00
$1.00/2  from HERE (must sign up)

Buy One Get One Deals without Coupon Matchups

Post Cereal (Pebbles, Alpha Bits, Honey-Comb, or Golden Crisp) $3.89

Publix Lemon Essence Water, 1/2 gal,  $1.49

Toufayan Pita Wrap, 10 oz, $1.99

Old El Paso Dinner Kit, $2.95

Keebler Club Crackers,  16 oz, $3.99

Wonka Chocolate Pieces, 8 – 9 oz,  $4.29

Pace Chunky Salsa or Pace Picante Salsa or Sauce, 16 oz, $2.79

Breakstone’s Sour Cream, 8 oz,  $.99

Publix Athletic Foot Cream, 1 oz tube, BOGO $7.99

Pillsbury Moist Supreme Cake Mix, 18oz, low price

Breyers YoCrunch Yogurt, 6 oz, $ .75

Mayfield Ice Cream, 48 oz, $5.49

Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, 6 pk,  $5.69

Right Guard Sport Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant,  $2.79

This Week’s Sale Items

Kellogg’s Cereal, $2.50
(Product 19, Crispix, Mueslix, Raisin Bran Extra or Crunch, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes )
$1.50/2 from RP 3/28
$1.00/2 from RP 4/11
$1.50/2 from

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8 oz, $1.25
$.55 from  Kraft Foods Food & Family

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, $1.50
$.30/2  from  SS 3/28

Kraft Chunk Cheese or Cracker Cuts,  8 oz, $2.00
$1.00  from Blinkie

Kraft Shredded Cheese or Cubes, 8 oz, $2.00
$2.00/2  from Blinkie
$.55  from Kraft Foods Food & Family

Chobani Greek Yogurt, 6 oz, $1.00
B2G1 from PRINT

Oscar Mayer Lunchables, 3-4 oz, $1.00
$1.00 from  SS 3/21 (if combination incl)
$.75  from Tearpad

Marie Callender Dinner or Pot Pie, $2.50
$1.00  from April All You Magazine or PRINT
$1.50/4  from PRINT

Banquet Meal,  $1.00
$1.50/4 from PRINT

Michelina’s Authentico Entrees,  $1.00
$1.00/5  from PRINT

Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Sausage Patties or Links, $2.50
$1.00  from  RP 4/11 or PRINT

DiGiorno Pizza,  $5.00
$1.00  from  SS 4/11 or  Blinkie or PRINT
$3.00  from PRINT

Maxwell House or Seattle’s Best Coffee, 34 oz, $5.99
$1.00/2  from PRINT
$1.00  from  SS 3/21

Old El Paso Refried Beans or Taco Shells, $1.25
$1.00/2  from Tearpad

Mazola 100% pure oil, 48 oz,  $2.50
$.50 from SS 3/21

Nabisco Crackers, or Ritz Crackerfuls, $2.50
$1.00/2   from Nabisco Save $55 Calendar

Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, 4 oz, $1.00
$.75/3  from PRINT

Pasta Roni or Rice a Roni, 3.8 to 7.2 oz box, 10/$10
$1.00/3  from  RP 1/3 (exp 4/30)

Glaceau Vitaminwater or Vitaminwater Zero, 20 oz, $1.00
$1.00/2  from  SS 4/11, 4/25

Loreal Facial Moisturizers, .4 to 4 oz pkg, excludes Loreal Men’s expert, $5 Off
$1.00  from RP 4/25  or PRINT

Atkins Endulge Bar, 5 ct , $4.50
$1.00  from  SS 3/7

Pampers Diapers Cruisers,  box, $19.99
$2.00  from  RP 4/18 (Target Coupon)
$1.50  from  PG 4/4

(use store and manuf coupon for your best deal)

Neosporin Ointment, Cream or spray, $3.39
$.50  from  RP 3/14,  SS 4/25
$1.00  from

Gain Detergent, 100 oz, $9.99
$1.00  from  RP 3/21 4/25

Bounce or Downy Sheets, 120 ct, $4.99
$.50  from  PG 3/7
$1.00  from  PG 4/4

Febreze Air Effects Air Refresher 9 oz, , $2.50
$1.00  from  PG Home Made Simple Booklet

Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Cleaners, 40 oz, $2.50
$.75 from PG Home Made Simple Booklet

Perdue Whole Chicken,$1.19 lb
Boston Butt Roast, $1.89 lb
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, $1.99 lb
Pork Steaks, $2.19 lb
Ground Chuck, $2.69 lb
Bottom Round Roast, $2.99 lb
Pork Loin Baby Back Ribs, $3.99 lb
Top Sirloin Fillets, $5.99 lb

Florida Green Cabbage, $.49 lb
Florida Sweet Corn, $.50
California Navel Oranges, .99 lb
Haas Avacados, $1.00
Florida Green Bell Peppers, $1.29 lb
Red Seedless Grapes, $1.49 lb
Tomatoes on the Vine, $1.99 lb

Last Chance to get $10.50 OFF A&H Clumping Litter

This offer expires on April 30, 2010, so hurry up and sign up.

Save on ARM & HAMMER® Clumping Litter, the only one with Ammonia Block!

Want a cat litter that destroys the worst odors? Get ARM & HAMMER® Clumping Litter, the only one with Ammonia Block. Sign up now and save up to $10.50 in coupons – Get yours today!!

Publix Savings with the Entertainment book.

As you may already know, or are about to learn, Publix stores system wide will redeem coupons from their competitors. Now, what the actual definition of the term competitor is up to the actual district/regional manger and the store manager.

If your area has both Save-a-Lot stores and Publix stores, in the 2010 Entertainment book there is a page with FIVE (5) $5.00/$20.00 Save-a-Lot coupons, which is a total savings of $25.00. We sell the Entertainment book for just $15.00 per copy with free shipping. So after your 3rd trip to Publix or Save-a-Lot your ENTIRE 2010 Entertainment book has been paid for.

Plus, with each book purchase you get online access to hundreds of additional local printable coupons and incredible online shopping discounts not found in the book.

To order your copy of the Entertainment book, or an Entertainment book for another city that you visit often, click here.

Because I love doing research for our readers, here is the list of editions in Florida that DO contain the $5.00/$30.00 Save-A-Lot coupons:
Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach
Space Coast/Brevard County
St. Petersburg/Clearwater

One last little tidbit, sometimes when you purchase more than one Entertainment book (for a different city), the additional books are $10.00 each. I have yet to figure out which books are $10.00 each as a second book though. I have placed a call to Entertainment to find out. I will update this post when I hear back. If you order 2 books for the same city, the price is $15.00 per book, still a GREAT DEAL. Remember, this offer comes with FREE SHIPPING.

To take advantage of this offer, simply click HERE, or the banner above or any of the links. If you life outside the state of Florida, you can also find the Entertainment closest to your city by clicking HERE.

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